Enterprise Risk Management

ERM is the comprehensive framework employed by an organization to identify and assess material risks, develop specific mitigation strategies and enhance the effectiveness of responses in a way that opportunities are harnessed.


Basel II Implementation

Basel II presents a framework for stronger risk management practices in the banking industry by aligning banks capital with their basic risk profiles to promote a more efficient, equitable and prudent allocation of resources.


Market Risk Management

Market risk includes the risk of losses arising from adverse movements in market prices. We offer a wide range of market risk management tools to support your trading activities.


Risk Modelling

Risk modelling is about modeling and quantification of risk. Our approach to risk modelling pays particular attention to the systemic aspects of risk in complex systems and covers credit, operational and market risks.


Operational Risk Management

ORM deals with the management of a firm’s risk of monetary loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people, and systems, or from external events.


Stress Testing Implementation

Stress testing is defined as “a generic term describing various techniques used by financial firms to gauge their potential vulnerability to exceptional but plausible events”.